• High Off Life: What 2018 has taught me so far.

    Wow. I cannot believe were more than 1/2 through the year. It's been an odd year for Heart Mercedes, if we're being honest sales have been down however, the company has grown.
  • Self Care: The Power of Your Truth

    Self love and self care have not always come easy. For me it was a journey. A lot of tears, a lot of anger but most of all a lot of lies. I found myself lying to myself. It sounds so silly in theory, you know whats real and whats not- the thing is have you accepted those truths? These are some of the things that worked for me along my journey of facing my truths...
  • Being your own boss: Tips for Productivity

    Today I want to talk about optimizing productivity. Why? Honestly, because its my biggest struggle. People see the success but often don't hear about the struggle. Being an entrepreneur means working on your own time, setting your own schedule and holding yourself accountable.

    Here are 5 tips that I use to optimize my productivity...