Issa blog....

Is "issa" still cool? or nah?

So excited to start up a blog to go with the brand! I am hoping to open the door to many discussions whether they be about crystals, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, culture, music, any and everything under the sun.

Heart Mercedes is more than jewelry its a life style brand, and our foundation is built on the pillars of kindness, love, acceptance, tolerance and diversity. All things that myself and my team hold near dear to our HEARTS.

Today I want to talk about optimizing productivity.  Why? Honestly, because its my biggest struggle. Being an entrepreneur means working on your own time, setting your own schedule and holding yourself accountable.  

These are some tips that I use to limit the distractions and up my creativity:

1. Outline the day: from when you wake up to when its time to sit at the dinner table try to plan the things you want to accomplish.  Not just a list but organize it, when is it best in the day to accomplish certain things, starting with smaller easy tasks can get the ball rolling and make the bigger ones easier to tackle. 

2. Implement 60- 20 - 60: this is a tool to allow your self 60 min of UNINTERRUPTED work followed by 20 min of leisure (social media, snacks, texts, etc) and then another 60 min of focused work.  You'd be amazed at what you can get done in 60 min. Pro tip: set a timer for the 20 min off its easy to fall into a rabbit hole and turn 20 min into an hour.

3. Have an accountability partner: Entrepreneurship doesn't mean you have to do it all alone. There are tons of other go getters out there and its vital that you create a support system.  People on a similar path that are willing to listen, give you input (constructive criticism and praise) as well as hold you accountable to things you said you want to accomplish. 

4. Health is wealth: carve time out of each day for wellness. Exercise, clean eating, meditation, its important to not overwork yourself and allow yourself time to decompress.  Exercise allows your bodies to release endorphins a hormone that causes a positive feeling in the body and releases stress.  Eating well, allows our brains to receive nutrients and our body to do its job effectively.  High fat foods can make you feel sluggish, in turn lowering productivity. Fruits, vegetable, nuts are all great brain foods!

5. HAVE FUN and count your blessings!!! : We're all on the pursuit of happiness.  I am so thankful each day I get to wake up and work on things that I believe in.  Every time I find myself "in a rut" and less motivated than usual, I stop and tell myself the good things. All the people I've helped, inspired and things I have accomplished. I say them out loud to really let myself hear how lucky I am.  

& those are my top 5 tips to help maximize your productivity.  They're kind of no brainers but- even I like a good reminder from time to time.

Confession:  I started writing this blog post because I was struggling to start my work this morning.  I did a few small tasks but my feet were dragging.  After deciding to work on my site for a little, I remembered there was an untouched blog feature.  I thought what could I write about? How can I be transparent?  It seemed easy after that, the struggles of a girl boss.  

People see the success but often don't hear about the struggle.  I will say, after processing my thoughts and sharing with you all my favorite tips to productivity, I am motivated and ready to tackle the rest of my day.

Never forget, you're not alone on this journey. Feel free to comment, share and let me know any other topics you'd like to hear about.



"Doing what you love is freedom, loving what you do is happiness" 

-Lana Del Rey