Wow. I cannot believe were more than 1/2 through the year. It's been an odd year for Heart Mercedes, if we're being honest sales have been down however, the company has grown.  

How you ask? 

This year Heart Mercedes has...

  • Currated 3 Handmade markets to support other makers in their jounrney as well as create a bridge to join makers and the community.
  • Stepped into a new position with Avondale Estates as their Event Coordinator and now over see their second Saturday art walks (which has allowed our makers market to double since the begining of the year)
  • Introduced a new niche product: hand crafted clay earrings, which customers have taken a liking too quickly!
  • Worked with ICE Atlanta and the High Museum as their First Friday Featured local artist and led a craft for their Adult Prom
  • Sold in 3 retailers: Hodge Podge Coffee, Garage Door Studio and Rag O Rama Sandy Springs
  • Partnered with several amazing local creatives: Ifeanyi Uzuegbunam, Mary Chau, Essence Ransom, Kimberly Ducasse, Grail ATL, Common Sights, Krissy Lewis, Drea Speaks, ICE Atlanta, Paper Bones,  Creole Secret, Hannah Amuka
  • Particpated in the Launch of Craft Trap ATL: making crafts cool again!
  • Sponsored an up and coming podcast episode: Excuse my ATL Sass
  • Brought awareness to the #RAKBrigade across the US, Colombia & Puerto Rico
  • Hosted annual inspire and craft day at Hope Hill Elementary in partnership with Roger Parrilla

& I could probably list off a few more but what I really want to share is what these past few months have taught me.

What have I learned through all of this?

My business is more than sales. It is about impacting my community  through inspiration, kindness, creativity, perserverence and love. It is about being a voice for new entrepreneurs to know the hard battle is worth the fight.  It is about knowing collaboration over competition will grow your business faster and more authentically than envying the next person.  It is about realizing your reach is limitless and can travel the world.  It is about investing in kids because they are the future. It is about not being afraid to take a risk and try something new.  It is about understanding the money is NOT the biggest reward, your influence is.

Thank you all for allowing me to share and reflect on these past few months.  I hope you can read this and feel inspired to continue your journey or even start a new one!